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We're on a mission to accelerate humanity's transition to the next level of consciousness. Let's co-create and 📝Elevate the Human Frequency.
Brian Swichkow

📝Brian Swichkow is a serial entrepreneur, 📝nonlinear storyteller, retired "growth hacker", and (newly declared) contemporary artist. Swichkow is (by his own declaration) a 📝Meticulously Ridiculous, 📝Spiritual Entertainer.

Swichkow became internet infamous in 2014 after publishing a story about pranking his roommate with targeted Facebook ads. With this, he launched 📝Ghost Influence; a Reddit-first agency, community, and incubator.

He is known as a 📝Reddit Marketing Expert to the business community but prefers to play with creators and enable more authentic commerce. Recently, he promoted his dating profile with Reddit ads; the campaign didn't convert, but he entertained himself enough to orchestrate more shenanigans.

Brian rides a motorcycle, practices hot yoga, and does aerial gymnastics. His emails have, since 2010, ended, "📝Build cool shit and change the world."

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John Zdanowski

📝John Zdanowski is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist who has led or arranged numerous private equity and debt financings, dozens of rounds of venture capital, two IPOs, seven sales of secondary stock, sixteen acquisitions and the sale of multiple companies—one twice.

He is the Managing Director of 📝Assembled Brands and is responsible for deployment of their $100m venture debt fund to emerging D2C brands.

He was previously the CFO of 📝General Assembly which was sold for $412.5m in April 2018, the CFO of 📝Second Life as it grew from $10m to $80m, and the CFO of 📝HouseValues as it grew from $20m to $100m.

John has one wife, two Teslas, four kids, and 65... no... 📝66 animals.

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